Officevibe - Case Study

Positionly has been great for us in terms of saving us time and making our team even more productive. Jacob Shriar Director of Customer Happiness, Officevibe


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Officevibe is looking to revolutionize the way companies measure and improve employee engagement. We want every employee to be happy, healthy, and productive at work. It’s a competitive industry that we’re in, and we’re still a startup, so marketing and getting people to know about Officevibe is probably our biggest challenge.

Seeing that our resources are limited, SEO is incredibly important for us. Driving visitors is the key to our success, so recently we decided to put an even bigger effort into SEO. We work with all kinds of companies, from 30-person startups all the way up to 15,000-person large organizations.

The need

As we put more focus on SEO, we needed a way to monitor our progress much more frequently. The other tools that we use take at least a week or two to aggregate their statistics, which was too long for us when we needed to understand where we were doing good and where we could improve.

We also needed a way to make our efforts more transparent to the rest of the team, and Positionly does a great job helping with this. We use Moz and SEMRush as well, but felt that Positionly was the best value for the price.

The decision process

Officevibe works in a coworking space with a few other companies. One of the other companies, Sharegate, recommended Positionly to us. We have a close relationship with the team at Sharegate, so the decision-making process was very simple for us. If they recommended it, we knew it was good.

We were mainly looking for the best value for the dollar, and with all the features that Positionly has, the decision was easy.

The main feature that made Positionly stand out from the competition was the daily ranking. That’s by far our favorite feature.


The UI and UX is amazing. Many SEO tools we’ve used have a very clunky UX and terrible design, so it was refreshing to use Positionly.

Setting up Positionly was incredibly easy. It only took us a few days to get fully set up, creating our groups and adding all our competitors. By far the average ranking graph to see our improvements over time is what we rely on the most with Positionly.

Without a reliable source for monitoring our positions, we would not be able to effectively track the positions of more than 15,000 keywords in an effective manner, or one that allows us to draw conclusions on the fly.


Positionly has been great for us in terms of saving us time and making our team even more productive. Having our rankings in real-time allows us to be more proactive. The reports also allow us to share our results with the entire team, helping to get everyone on the same page.

SEO is becoming an even more important acquisition channel for Officevibe, and using Positionly we were about to double the amount of new users from this channel in the last 6 months. Positionly helped us monitor our rankings and our competitors more closely.