New Traffic Reports On Website’s Overview

In order to meet the changes that are taking place in Google Analytics, we would like to introduce to you the new traffic reports on website’s overview.  Due to “not provided” data, we can’t track traffic from specific keywords anymore. We found a friendly solution that should help you optimize your site even better now.

From now on,  all of the Positionly users can easily see how their  page’s average position affects the overall traffic. You can see page’s rankings as well as organic and/or paid traffic generated by users in one simple graph. Both types of traffic sources can be switched on/off, depends on users’ needs. To do that, use buttons that are placed in the top left corner of the “Average position” chart.

Please remember that you need to authorize your Google Analytics account within Positionly in order to see the traffic reports.  Don’t hesitate to reach our support team in case you have any questions, concerns or ideas.



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