More Data For You: Alexa Rank and Pagerank

We would like to introduce you to the new functionality in the Positionly application - Alexa Rank and Pagerank  information about websites. This tool will provide you data not only about the overall strength about your own site, but also the competitors you are tracking. 

Alexa Rank is a tool owned by, which collects data on browsing behavior. Based on that, Alexa is forming reports about the website. Those ratings are displayed by numbers, and the lower the number is - the better. They are based on a level from 1 to 4 000 000, meaning if you have a ranking under 100 000, then your website should notice some good traffic. Ratings from 3 000 000 to 4 000 000 are mostly for new sites, or those with basically no traffic at all.

On the other hand, Pagerank is an algorithm used by Google to rank pages in it’s search results. It is displayed as a number from 0 to 10 and unlike Alexa, higher number means bigger importance of the website. Those websites are likely to receive higher positions in Google search result pages, which means more traffic. 

From now on, you can track both rankings in relation to your own pages, as much as to your competitors, which should help you analyze the strength of your website.

Feel free to reach our support team in case you have any questions or doubts. 

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  1. Shell Robshaw-Bryan 2 years ago Reply

    Great to hear new features are being added. Thanks!

  2. Jhonson Jenifer 10 months ago Reply

    Thanks for this informative post.this kind of information is important for us..

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