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What would be the best software for you? The answer is simple - yours. The way you like it. Period.

We would like to introduce to you a new feature we’re really excited about. Positionly Add-ons let you customize your experience, and manage your day-to-day task in a smarter way. From now on you will be able to extend the basic functionality of Positionly with powerful plug-ins that will let you work more effective and comfortable.
But that’s not all. You or your development team will be able to author your own Add-ons – by tapping into Positionly’s API, you’ll be able to utilize its full potential in ways most tailored to your needs.

How to use Add-ons

Positionly Add-ons are visible in the upper-menu on your dashboard.

The list of add-ons is available at addons.positionly.com

In order to use the add-on simply pick the one you wish to use and click the Install button.

The add-on of your choice will be available under the Add-ons section and ready to save your time and boost your performance.

Learn more about Positionly Add-ons at addons.positionly.com/about.

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