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Find Out What Content Your Audience Wants Using Qualitative Research

Here is the naked truth about content creation: Creating content is not a difficult task to perform. However, creating content that your readers will love is not easy, and this is where many entrepreneurs fail. Don’t get me wrong; there are other content marketing hurdles as well which challenge entrepreneurs more than creating engaging content,… Read more »

5 Key Performance Indicators for Content Marketing

Content marketing is lately the most significant […and the most fantastic!] area of online marketing! According to Content Marketing Institute, its meaning is constantly growing. Content marketing provides people with useful information that can help solve their real problems and show how to handle different issues. Yes, content educates and entertains. This is why, any content… Read more »

5 Must-Have Contents For E-commerce

In the previous post Kinga shared with us some crucial tips about e-commerce SEO. You’ve learned how to properly optimize an onsite content. Today you will also find out what types of content you should publish at your online store. Words are vital tools in the world of e-commerce. Used effectively, they create a compelling sales proposition that not… Read more »

Six Attributes of Viral Content (With a Case Study Example)

When it comes to content, there are two primary categories: informational pieces with great longevity and staying power, and explosive pieces which take off quickly (but also become old news quickly). This is obviously an oversimplification of sorts, as the two categories aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive, and there are gradients in between the two extremes,… Read more »