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What would be the best software for you? The answer is simple - yours. The way you like it. Period.

We would like to introduce to you a new feature we’re really excited about. Positionly Add-ons let you customize your experience, and manage your day-to-day task in a smarter way. From now on you will be able to extend the basic functionality of Positionly with powerful plug-ins that will let you work more effective and comfortable.

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5+ Ways Google Plus Impacts your SEO Strategy

google plus seo

Social Media, not mentioning it’s influence on marketing strategies, plays a significant role in the modern SEO strategy. Google Plus, as a part of Google’s ecosystem and one of the key players on the social media market out there, in terms of SEO plays a much bigger role than a simple social media platform.

Maybe you’ve got an impression that Google Plus is abandoned, with hardly any users. In comparison to other social platforms the numbers don’t look spectacular, but still using Google’s Social Media will give you a few benefits beyond communication and content distribution.

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The date range simplified

Position tracking within a chosen date range has been simplified.

We’ve been working recently to make the day-to-day process of monitoring your even more simple. From now on, your website’s position statistics in the search engines will be shown from the last check. The data visible on the dashboard will be displayed from the last check too.

date range

Additionally, the date range menu has been simplified. You will be able to display your current statistics as well as the results for the last 3 days, 7 days, 1 month and 3 months.

Update 07.06.2013

We have an important update to announce. The calendar view will be available again on the 11th of July. We received many messages from you in regard to our simplified date range view. Some of you preferred our previous version of date range filter though. Thanks for your feedback!

Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing and SEO - Roadmap to SEM 2013

When you think about internet marketing methods, you often are overwhelmed with terms, methodologies, do’s and don’ts, and the steps that must be taken in order to build a brand online. Multitude of strategies, activities and metrics causes, that promote a business in a fast and very competitive environment as Internet is, became a separate pillar responsible for business growth. Why is it so?

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Inbound Marketing - Improve It in Just One Day

Inbound marketing, from the concept articulated in 2006, has come a long way up to present day. The overall idea hasn’t changed. Inbound marketing is still about attracting people towards your website and product with usage of various channels - blogs, social media, videos and white papers. As a strategy, it’s continuously evolving alongside with media, users’ habits and tools, reflecting the shifting digital landscape.

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